Fungal Infection Of The Vagina

Yeast infections are fungal infections of the vagina. They will cause cottage cheese discharge to come out of your vaginal canal. They will cause intense itching of the vagina. You may notice your labia begins to swell and be tender to the touch. This can make sex and urination very painful. You may even notice inflammation inside of the vagina. These are all common symptoms of this type of fungal infection. You can learn more at

What Is A Phobia?

A phobia is an irrational fear that is categorized as an anxiety disorder. A person will suffer from a sort of relentless dread when they think or are exposed to the thing that they fear. This thing can be an animal or place or anything really. There are over four hundred different types of phobias that we know about. These people all have one thing in common. They go to great lengths to avoid the things that they fear. For example, astraphobia sufferers will hide in the closet to avoid the sounds of thunder and lightning.

Ailurophobia Symptoms

Those who suffer from ailurophobia have a condition where they are afriad of cats. Many will try to avoid them at all costs. This could be driving around the block to miss your neighbor’s house down the street that has a cat laying in the window. If these people can’t avoid their fears they will experience extreme anxiety and other physical symptoms. These physical symptoms can include nausea, dizziness, shaking, trembling, and difficulty breathing. You can read about other symptoms of this condition when you visit that great resource about this specific animal phobia.

How To Treat Phobias

If you suffer from at least one of the four hundred known phobias it’s likely that you have figured out you need to treatment. This will help you overpower your intense fear and move on with your life. There are different treatment options available and some work better for others. If you are self motivated you may want to start with a self-help program to overcome your fears. There are a number of them out there. Just doing a simple search online will help you find them quickly and easily.

Exposure therapy is another great option for those who need a little extra help. With the assistance of your therapist you can learn how to desensitize your subconscious mind so that it doesn’t cause anxiety when you are faced with the thing you fear. There is also hypnotherapy that works to reprogram the brain as well. This works to find the deeper meaning behind why your phobia developed, and then uses that information to help you overpower your fearful anxiety.

Understanding Human Phobias

Phobias are far and wide when it comes to the human race. Life events and environments play a big role in the development of fear in our minds. This is technically classified as an anxiety disorder.

Phobia is defined as strong, irrational fears of a thing or situation that in reality possesses no real danger. There are social phobias and specific phobias. An example of a specific phobia is genophobia, which you can learn more about at For social phobias, these are where individuals become extremely self-conscious and anxious around other people.

The typical symptoms associated with phobias include:

  • Extreme Fear
  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Trembling
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Difficulty Breathing

Phobias typically start in childhood and continue into adulthood until the person faces their individual fears and overcome them.

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Cleansing With Cayenne Pepper And Lemon

We known that you have probably heard of this before. The master cleanse diet that uses cayenne pepper, lemon, and maple syrup to totally detoxify the body. This is also sometimes referred to as the lemonade diet. It’s literally sweeping the nation as the newest dieting craze that really works.

This is considered a short-term detox that is like juice fasting. It works to loosen and eliminate built up toxins throughout the body. This rids the body of toxins caused by stress, drugs, alcohol, and other dieting. It works to build up nutrient absorption throughout the body.

This master cleansing has caused tiredness, boredom, aches, and pains in some people. It’s important that you make sure your body is ready to undergo this strict type of detoxification before starting.