A Loose Vagina No More: Firm Vaginal Walls Tonight

With sex playing a bigger role in the relationships of today’s society there is more open discussion on the issues that both men and women face related to sexual well being. For this article today we are going to stick more towards the female side of things. More specifically, we are going to discuss the importance of vaginal tightness in the sexual realm. It’s true that women and men both feel pleasure from the tightness of the vaginal region during intercourse. The loose the vagina the harder it is for both men and women to achieve the level of climax they are used to.

Tightening of the vagina starts at the interior level, more specifically the vaginal walls. This can be done via therapy, surgery, or with a simple over the counter cream or gel. The therapeutic route consists of vaginal tightening exercises, more commonly referred to as kegels. Many people are familiar with these as they are constructed for both the male and female sexes. Practicing these specific exercises is completely safe for the body and firm vaginal walls effectively. They take time to work though. Typically women report significant changes over a period of four to six months.

Undergoing vaginal rejuvenation surgery is the second option. However, just as with any type of surgery there is risk involved. This will also cost a good bit of money to get done, which is one of the biggest reasons that this solution is not readily available to all women. Lastly, we have firming creams. These can be purchased at a drug store or online.